General Contractor

  • Responsible and accountable

    The general contractor is responsible for the overall coordination of the project. This typically begins with the bid, or proposal, and does not end until the inspections are completed and the subcontractors are paid. Many critical steps in between are also the responsibility of the general contractor such as obtaining permits, waste disposal and quality assurance.

  • Leadership and oversight

    The most important role played by a general contractor is that of a leader. Both the subcontractors and the client will turn first to the general contractor when issues arise or critical decisions are to be made. It is in these moments when a general contractor must demonstrate leadership and provide the necessary guidance to steer the project to success.

  • Work smart

    Given the extent of responsibilities placed on a general contractor, it is important to leverage reliable tools that enable efficiency and productivity. delivers a suite of features that aid the general contractor in their daily operations to allow them more time to focus on clients and delivering creative solutions.